Stuff I carried into Africa, for good or ill.


Miscellaneous support materials


Michelin maps – Africa north and south, 741 & 742, self-laminated

Garmin eTrex Vista HCx with Garmin WorldMap and PC cable

French dictionary

French phrase book

Morocco phrase book

Photocopies of piste routes from Chris Scott’s Sahara Overland

Lonely Planet Africa travel guide

Rough Guide West Africa travel guide

Two Canon cameras

1 GB 2 GB 4 GB SD cards

SD card reader

IBM ThinkPad x40 notebook

Mid-size paper notebook

Three pens one blue one black one red

Sharpie dual-tip pen

Orange highlighter

Shadow of the Sun by Ryzsard Kapuscinki

iPod Classic

External speakers

IPod earbuds and cable

Grundig shortwave radio (small)

AA & AAA batteries



DR650 service manual

Carnet de Passage from Canadian Automobile Association


Motorbike title and registration with photocopies

Fake letters of invitation to Angola

WorldMap CD

Rosetta Stone French study CD

International drivers license: American Automobile Association

Vaccination certificates

Various camera, GPS, etc. owner manuals



SW Motech Trax lockable top box with additional custom-made locks

Wolfman soft panniers

Wolfman Explorer tank bag with large pockets

Tank bag rain cover and shoulder strap

SealLine waterproof bag

Cheap Wal-Mart backpack

Two Web nets

Ample bungee supply



General Gear & Clothing

Rock Gardn motorcycle armor flak jacket

ARC kneepads

First Gear Kenya motorcycle jacket

Icon Field Armor boots

Swiss army knife

Tent (rain fly doubles as bike tarp for hotel parking)

Sleeping bag

Sleeping pad (doubles to wrap IBM notebook)

Sunglasses (2)

Reading glasses


Mosquito net

Mosquito suit

Petzl headtorch

Conventional small flashlight

MSR WhisperLight multifuel camp stove

Plastic plate

Plastic fork & spoon

Coffee cup

Coffee supply

PacSafe Security Web

Olympia cold weather motorcycling gloves

Icon warm weather motorcycling gloves

Thin warm ski glove liners

Rain poncho

Motocross goggles

Eight high-tech lightweight Champion T-shirts

One Adventure Rider cotton T-shirt

Columbia fleece jacket

Long sleeve warm weather shirt

NorthFace convertible (into shorts) pants

Wrangler jeans with belt

Cheap light Wal-Mart sneakers

Five pair socks

International electricity converter device

Eight granola bars

Two Mountain House freeze-dried chicken teriyaki

Balloons for kids

Obama stickers for adults

Needle & thread



Bike parts, gear, tools


Spare keys to bike & all lockables

Shift lever

Clutch lever

Brake lever

Throttle cables

Clutch cable

EBC Front brake pads

Oil container (Sigg 20L aluminum bottle mounted to bike, for motor and air filter oil)

A few extra spokes

12 gauge wire and connectors

Extra headlight bulb

Extra 10, 15, 20 amp fuses

Tire repair kit

Tire irons – 3, by MotionPro, light aluminum with 22mm, 24mm, and 32mm on ends

Spare front and rear inner tubes

Bicycle tire pump

Air pressure gauge

Laundry detergent for tire changes (and laundry)

Bike Krutch “centerstand” fortified (from the original cheap piece of crap this tool is)

Selection of spare bolts

Spare fuel hose

High-temp hose for emergency oil cooler bypass

Two tie downs custom made


Anti-seize (small quantity in half a contact lens case)


Chain lube

J.B. Weld

Super glue

Velcro 1 foot

Duct tape 2 small rolls

Electrical tape

Cable ties!


Plastic fuel tank repair material

Chain breaker

Vise grip

8mm, 10mm, 12m, 14mm open end wrenches

8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 17mm, 19mm, 32mm sockets

Allen wrenches

Valve adjustment tools

Jets for DynoJet carb

Screwdriver flat & Phillips

Leatherman multi-tool

Two small and large socket adapters


Gasket making RTV high-temp silicon

Zipper lube (great stuff!)



Doxycycline for malaria one pill per day

Malarone – post malaria treatment


Water purification tablets

Bug repellent (two containers)

Immodium & Cipro diarrhea medicine


Vaseline Lip Therapy











Floss / toofpicks