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Excellent writing.
Thankyou for being a cultured and informed American. PLease tell more of your country men, if possible, what is really going on.
I also have a KLR and a dream
Happy travels.

Average Joe

Screw you asshole. You should keep your political views to yourself, or at least limit them to a forum that encourages political discussion. Instead, you spout off as if you are the self appointed Judge who can force his opinion on the MAJORITY of americans who voted in the presidential election. I voted for Bush for lots of reasons, including the fact that his economic policies make sense, his moral values are more in line with the mainstream of this country, and he's not a political kiss ass. This country needs to stop coddling every shitty dictatorship in the world and once again stand up for what is right. We shouldn't have to apologize for our commitment to freedom and human rights (where would you be right now if we buried our heads in sand during WW 2?)And while we're at it, we should expect a little respect from the two faced bastards that love our money and hate us for our freedom. If you think freedom comes without a price, you are sorely mistaken. You can talk about all of the innocent iraqis that died from American bombs, but that is a tiny fraction compared to the masses that have suffered at the hands of Saddam Hussein. Shame on you, you sorry excuse for an American.


I hope rent is not too expensive in the fantasy land where you seem to be living. George W. Bush,economic competence, freedom,human rights,morals!?
Apologies to Ride Far. I enjoy your site but will not be posting additional comments. It's just that Average Joe was too much to resist

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