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Dakota, Smokin Lizard & Crash Test Dummy

We haven't had a chance to read everything yet, but it's good to see Geoff is still alive and kicking. Please send him our love and profiteroles. Hope you're all having a good journey.

Brian Bayley

Well done, ive not read it all but im mighty impressed. I did 8 months/36,000ks in southern and eastern Africa in 07 on my DR650 great great bike still have it back home near on 70,000ks on the the clock. Well done again and best of travels. Brian B

Kim G

Hi Mark,

Thanks for writing again. I hadn't checked your blog in quite a while. Glad to see you are back on the road and posting your adventures. I still credit you for having gotten me back on a bike again after 20 years. That was 3 years ago. This spring I upgraded from a Ninja 500 to a BMW R1100S, which rocks.

Hope to do a ride into Mexico some day.


Kim G
Boston, MA

Mark Hammond

Thanks everybody. Kim, glad you're back on a bike! Sounds like a nice upgrade to the BMW ...

Lee Anderson

So did you learn your lesson about diesel. Good stuff, but not for gas motorcycles!

Ha ha.

You are a great writer, Mark, this is coming from a published writer. Good stuff. I haven't read it all yet, but very good reporting on your trip. I'm guessing there is an adventure book in your future.

The poverty shown in your pictures may be a precursor to America if they don't figure this financial collapse out. Reagan's (Milton Friedman's) trickle down economics have brought the country to ruin. We need to get more money in the middle class. Massive layoffs throughout the States every day. Citicorp 75,000 ouch. Detroit big 3, need bailout $35 b. Ouch.

Being from SF you must know the story of the electric car and the way GM ousted the electric trollies way back when?

Don't dwell on this while you're down in Africa, have fun and be safe.

Lee Anderson

Duvall, Wa

Lee Anderson

Detroit is asking for $25 billion not $35. My error. It's coming from the $700 b money. Many people are saying that the oil giants should bail out the automakers. The oil company and auto execs sit on each others boards and the oil companies encourged Detroit to build gas guzzlers and lobby against mass transit. Now they get our money. Internalizing profits, externalizing losses.

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