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Hey there Mark

What a wonderful blog! I'm planning motorcycle trip of six months through Australia, starting this january if everything goes as planned. It's great to read about your adventures, and it serves as quite an inspiration for me. Keep up the good cheer!


By the way, how come you're able to blog so frequently? Is the internet connection that good in Africa?

Chris B

Excellent Blog! I am a friend of Geoffs based in Scotland. Glad to see he has found an appropriately qualified scribe to pen his adventures. Keep up the good blog work!



I found a Burger King in India, but it's a restaurant with the same name. There are a few McDonalds here, but I crave a Whopper about once a year. I'll make sure I hit a Hungry Jack (same chain in Australia) in a few weeks when I'm there. They serve them with beets and a fried egg.

Mark Hammond

Hey everybody, thanks for the feedback. Jophiel, re blogging, I'm carrying a laptop. I try to write on it at least every few days. I figure it's most important to write when the material is fresh, so I put my time into that. Then when I have a half-day free, I settle into a decent Internet place, plug in my laptop, and post a couple of weeks of posts at once. Internet places are all over, but it's difficult to write in them partly because the French keyboard is different than the English keyboard I'm accustomed to. Good luck with your adventure planning! :)

Patrick moriarty

Hey Mark,
Just catching up on your blog! A really fun read! If I hadn't seen your link on the San Fran HU Community post you made I would have never known how to find it.
No mention of you on the HU E-Zine and nothing I've noticed on the HUBB. I thought I'd post your Blog URL in the Suzuki section, I'm sure lots of DR guys
would enjoy the read. Any thoughts on this?

Absolutely great Blog and some nice pics too. The Diesel Screw up on the first day really had me going ..... sounds like the bike
is doing OK, but you haven't mentioned it lately. Any comments? How about a service/tech/comfort update? Is the Scottish guy really carrying FOUR tires?
Anyway, keep up the great work. Sounds like Africa is a blast. Wonderful images in your writing, treating us to a full sensory array. I'm glad you're riding
at a modest pace. I worry about the Scottish Bloke. Eventually a bullet will find him.

Glad I'm not the only one who tends to overpack!! Mosquito suit?

Ride safe!

Mark Hammond

Patrick, good to hear from you. Sure, post the link anywhere you like. Sending you an email separately ...


Hey mark, thanks for the info :)
I you want, you can check out my blog at jophielsbigadventure.blogspot.com . So far it's all preparation, as my trip is still a few months off.


HAHHAHA!!!!! I know Geoff very well and I can just imagine his his anger when he found that there was not a whopper in his near future!!! Anyhow great Blog, I will keep following your travels :)

Charlie Hathaway

try the Tanesrouft route next time. Only 800 miles off tarmac from algeria to Gao, Mali. went that way in 1973-74. We founded the Bidon V Yacht Club there.

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