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Saturday morning in rainy and cold Berlin, freshly made coffee, breakfast on the kitchen table and my laptop at hand to check out whats happing outside my cosy flat and there it is: Marks new blog entry.
Now what could be better than leaning back, sipping on my coffeecup while reading about a place and a time that seems as distant as it can be.
Thanks, i thoroughly enjoyed the read!
Oh by the way i got contacted by a girl I met in The Gambia. She is in Beijing right now and wants to ride a bike from there to Berlin in 2011, asking me whether i come along. Whos in ? ;)

Mark Hammond

Thanks buddy! Yeah, the Congo seems like another world, huh? Beijing to Berlin, hmmmm ... :)


Ahhhh....the Congo. After a short while you learn to ride through the middle of the puddles, not at the side. It normally takes a couple of close calls and a fall before coming to this conclusion.

Can't wait for the next instalment, especially DRC and Angola.

Beijing to Berlin 2011? Could be interesting.....

Jerry Kaplan

Well, even 5 months old, it's still a good read. Keep it coming, I get worried when I don't see anything new for more than a month.

The riding sounds variously, challenging, treacherous and sometimes long & boring? Plus having all that cultural interaction is icing on the cake. If you never ride again, you already have a lifetime of great memories. Your exploits remind me of what I've done and still hope to do.

C-ya, Jer

Kim G

Wow, what a way to leave the story hanging. Are you back in S.F.? I think I can safely say that all of your readers would be eager to hear more installments in your story.

And from the above, it seems that Migo is at least OK? Hope he's ok.

Loved the video of Geoff banging his panniers back into shape. LOL


Kim G
Boston, MA

Mark Hammond

Thanks for the comments Kim, Martin & Jerry. Kim - not back in S.F. yet, in upstate NY into the summer.


HI Mark,

Been wondering what you have been up to. I hope you are doing well. I hope everyone is doing well for that matter. Doesn’t look like you are going to get to spend Christmas in the bush this year sadly. And with that I wish you very happy holiday season.

I keep waiting to read more of this wonderful adventure.


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Driving a motorcycle in a mud puddle is very funny. someday I'll try and imagine how much I will enjoy.

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