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"Jim Bo"

Wow, your tale of travel and adventure is food for my soul, I'm 74, have been riding forover 50 years, had lots of great rides, but none compare to this ride that I am reading about. I hve a '04 KLR and dream of such rides, but my practical side (and my wife) say that a ride like yours will never happen at this stage in my life. So thank you, thank you, thank you for putting me in your virtual saddle.

Kim G


I've spent the weekend reading through the blog of your trip. What a fantastic adventure! I used to have a dirtbike when I was a kid, but haven't ridden in years. Now you are inspiring me to look into it again. Please post the rest of your journey. We seem to have left off in mid Nov. By the way, you should turn this into a book. It'd make a good one. Cheers. Kim

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