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geoff Shingleton

I'll never forget the Elephant too! Hence now you know why I have a brown sheepskin on the bike, it hides the fear!! ha ha ha. I'm with you on the trip and still finding your blog funny! Mine sucks!

Peter Cullen


Great stuff, had me sitting on the edge of my seat.


Merced Najera

Mark great stuff, keep it coming. It sure makes our trip to Nevada look like a small playground. I am sure this kind of trip is a dream for many of us riders. What a great experience Keep us posted. Take care Merced Najera

Elissa Janca

Hey Mark,
I've really enjoyed reading your blog so far. Can't wait to read the next episodes and to catch up on your travels through Togo and Benin. Just finishing up my last week of work and will be heading that way myself. Safe travels!

Mark Hammond

Thanks everybody. Peter, glad you're home safe; Merced, great to hear from you! Elissa, Migo and I are at Le Galion in Lome until Tuesday, nice place on west side of town, rooms 8000 CFA, block from the beach.

Geoff -- get a new sheepskin!

Martyn Cleaver

Mark, billiant read, it is like being on the ride with you, geoff & Migo.you should write a book someday, I for one would buy it. Take care & have a great christmas where ever you are.
Martyn (met you on the ferry from Spain to Ceuta with Peter. I was on the KTM)

Ian Pietz

Excellent writing! I stumbled across your page while looking for information on outfitting my own DR650 (I believe the hit was on "aqualine" but I quickly forgot my original search as I read your reports). I will be back often to read and good luck as your adventure continues!

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