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Peter Cullen

Missing the excitement already but there will be some compensation with Christmas with my family.

Keep up the stories. They're great.


Mark Hammond

Peter, we all wish you were here ... it just keeps getting better! Ghana was just fantastic. Happy holidays to you and yours.

Elissa Janca

Oh Sorry-o! We're going to miss you by two days! Are you staying long in Benin? Keep 'em coming.

Barry Timm


Are you guys OK? Almost a month without seeing any updates! Looking forward to the next instalment!

Rubber side down,



Marky mark, you ride with a funky bunch!

Mark Barnett

Been a long time without any updates - everything OK?


Mark Hammond

Hey guys, everything is fine. We have made it to Windhoek, Namibia -- so back to civilization. With a decent Internet connection I'll be posting some pics and updates from here before running the last leg, to Cape Town. Thanks for the comments ... :)

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