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Cool read. I spent 5.5 years in Guinea and Nigeria. Your email came to my attention because I have Conakry Guinea set as a Google alert. Here is wishing you the best, Gary


What inspiring stuff Mark.

I mailed you some time earlier about your dr's progress. Looks like the old zook is holding up well!

Your prose has touched a sensitive spot in my white African's consciousness. We white South Africans have become immune to the poverty and suffering of our compatriots. Sometimes I feel embarrassed about it. Most of the time I view this hard-heartedness as a necessary evil. How I wish for democracy and progress in Africa.

Are you going to pass through Johannesburg when you eventually arrive in South Africa?

Travel strong!


hi Mark

well, you don't know me but you know someone close to me....

i've been reading your travels - everything i've ever wanted... so pleased for you..

the person we have in common is my mother, Kay from Maison des Arts in Severe, Mali where i believe you stayed -it

was lovely the comments you made- she will be so touched to hear she had a mention

i hope you travel safe and sometimes the road less travelled,

Sareta (Bedar-Guindo)


Perfect page, thanks


Fantastic read. Thanks for sharing it all!


A monumental read. Tx for taking the time to document your trip. Awesom.

Patti Booth Lindsay

WOW my little yankee cousin all grown up and so cool and adventureous! Your a wonderful writer too! Maryanne (sister) said you visited with her while traveling across Texas. She said you were a very interesting fella! Keep posting! Love, your cousin Patti (the middle child of the Texas six pack).

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