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Mr. Mark: I don’t want the journey to end either! I would have had to turn around and ride that “major” road with the ten foot tall berms again. The picture reminded me of my younger days on the farm riding dirt roads instead of riding the highway that would have been faster. When I ride past one now I think back to those days and wonder, where does that road go? Sadly around here it just connects one highway to the next. No poor villages or high mountain tops to look at or long to ride to.

I want to feel sorry for you that it is all too quickly coming to an end. Maybe I’m being a bit selfish wanting to see more of the world you are in, it’s been a great ride! But truth be told, you have had a fantastic adventure, one that I am very jealous of. However I am sad for you to also know that it is coming to an end.

Ride far,

Mark Hammond

Ah but Mister Fasthair, many more adventures would await down the road, especially in the Congo. The ride was far from over ...

Michael Ross

Hey Mark,

This is Michael from San Francisco, I shared some beers with you and Geoff and that bearded Scottish postman at a bar in Timbuktu...sounds like you've had a hell of a ride, I'd love to visit Cameroon someday. My route (without motorcycle) took me back west, towards Bamako and finally Dakar. I'm back in SF, let me know if you want to meet up for another beer?
202.460.5569...also some blogs from Africa on my site, michaelrossart.com.

Nike Air Force 1

Whether you have received much greeting for you, And I still offer sincere wishes. Whatever you have how many happy for you,Still I pray silently.

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