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Fascinating, horrifying and beautifully written.

Glad to see the dr is still going strong. I did a little trip to the Drakensberg on mine - and I found that a challenge ;/

Keep it coming, Mark!

(jenx on advrider)

Mark Hammond

Thanks Jenx!


I am a Nigerian who has been living in the States for about 12 years. Your description is spot on. Interestingly you have shown me through your journal, a Nigeria I thankfully never experienced. A thoroughly good, humorous read.


That place is for mad people . normal poeple cant stay in nigeria


well Roland i am not one to berate an individual's point of veiw..but i would tell you this, your opinion is not only biased but also tilted to make nigerians look like the scum of the earth

i will not argue with your description of epileptic power supply, for it is a fact, but then again doubt you stayed in an average hotel not even good for if you did, light wont be an issue(you got had) don't worry it happens to everyone especially those who feel that with a GPS the world is their playground btw did i tell you i am a biker too?
i am , and i am sure some of my fellow brethren would have words on correcting your insight.

your surprise at seeing white people in Nigeria is laughable , did you expect them to be allergic to the country?

btw you estimation of speeds by taxis in Nigeria is grossly over exaggerated , less than 3% of the taxis in Nigeria can make those speed, your friend was careless and not observing the 5second rule period.

i am not saying Nigeria is a perfect country , but we are a great one and sooner than later we would make unbelievers like you chew your words.

my advice to you, quit writing if you cant be unbiased

you need not ask, yes i am a nigerian

roland: you arent a Nigerian i assure you, you have no country

Ultimate Rider

Hey Roland, we are not all like that. Admittedly we have a few insane people, but us normal people get by.
I ride a Moto Guzzi 1200 and a Yamaha fazer 600 and my favourite routes are up North,Abuja,Jos,Gombe,Bauchi,Yola etc.
Normal people do stay and make a living here. Heck, we are the happiest people on Earth, the leadership just needs major tweaking but we do get by.
Wish the visitors had bumped into a few of our Biker Clubs, we would have guaranteed a safer Passage.


this is not for mad people Nigeria has a beautiful vibe

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I had been in Nigeria for an year.... Almost same experience ad told here... Very much true!!

Keep on writing more...

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I would love to go to Nigeria one day.

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great man :D

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