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Mr. Mark: Been wondering about you. Glad to hear all is great and that things are still going well.

Since it is still winter here in the Midwest USA I haven’t got to ride much. But I did get out the past couple of weekends for a few short rides. The first one brought many miles of speed. It felt so good to feel and hear the big V-Twin booming as it came on the big cams letting the high performance heads and pipe thrust me past empty snow covered corn fields. And when I too came up on slower traffic, just pinned the throttle and roared by knowing how sweet the sound was.

Who knows maybe I was hearing your DR thundering along at the same time?


Mark Hammond

Yo fasthair, thanks for note. Hope you have heated grips on that V-twin! I'm in Windhoek, Namibia and will be posting to the blog before the final run to Cape Town. We're back in civilization now and already miss the "old" Africa ... man, what adventures! :)

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