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Ride Mark ride! You have gotten very good at making something out of nothing. Looks like Africa is fitting you quite well. It must just be me though. After reading your South American adventure it seems to me that it was a more remote and harder travel. But after reading of your many wild goose chases in Africa I'm not so sure now. Then again I guess it is pretty remote when you have elephants chasing you in the bush too. Too fun!

I would like to offer my assistants in anyway I can. If you ever need anything please drop me a line and I will see if I can help out at all. I do have a friend, be it a distant one, who works for DHL. So maybe she can help with some of the shipping cost. No promises but I will try if you want.

Keep the adventure coming and Ride Far,

Mark Hammond

Thanks fasthair, much appreciated!

Nike Dunk Sb

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sounds like a fantastic and amazing experience, agree with the comment above about your viewpoint, its great. you really got to get out there, travel, have new experiences, and enjoy life, what you do is exactly what people should strive for, keep it up!

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